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Mom and daughter walk on path together wearing masks

Resilience in The Year of the Pandemic

Spring of 2021 marks one year since we entered the global COVID-19 pandemic, with mask-wearing and social distancing becoming a regular...

woman meditating in sunlight

10 Easy Ways to Reduce Stress, Now

Updated on 3/3/2023 April is Stress Awareness Month, a time to reduce stress by focusing on the way stress affects your...

Mom walking with son on mountain during sunset.

Not One More: Recovering from My Son’s Eating Disorder

When my child was in the grips of his eating disorder, every day was filled with “not one more” wishes. Not...

Young woman hugging a red cutout heart for Valentine's Day.

How to Be Your Own Valentine

The typical vision of Valentine’s Day is one that’s filled with chocolates, flowers, love, and romance. Gone are the days of...

Blue sneakers, hand weights, apples and a water bottle laying flat on a gray background

3 Ways to Tune Out New Year’s Diet Ads

The coming of a new year is highly anticipated and often brings with it soaring expectations of the all too familiar...

Friends and family gather outside for Thanksgiving meal.

6 Tips to Get Through Thanksgiving

Updated on 10/26/23 Many see Thanksgiving as a way of connecting with family by coming together and enjoying a traditional Thanksgiving...

Family eating together outside in the evening for holiday gathering.

Intuitive Eating Practices During the Holidays

Updated on 06/04/24 The holiday season can be a difficult time to navigate when you have an eating disorder. Whether you...

Woman opening refrigerator at nighttime.

Myths and Facts about Binge Eating Disorder

Updated on 02/19/24 Binge eating disorder (BED), an eating disorder more prevalent than anorexia and bulimia, is widely misunderstood. The lack...

Center for Discovery shares concern with community image

Our Response to Weight Stigma Week 2020

Dear Community, We were thrilled when Chevese Turner and the organization she founded—Binge Eating Disorder Association (BEDA)—joined forces with NEDA in...

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