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Family celebrating a birthday party outdoors at a picnic table. 
Navigating Family Gatherings While in Recovery When You Identify as LGBTQ+

Updated on May 31, 2023 By Emmy Johnson, MSW, LCSW, Gender Affirmative Care Coordinator, DBH  This blog addresses the challenges of…

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Jamie "OJ" Bushell, writer
Healing through Queerness: A Personal Story of Eating Disorder Recovery

Content updated on 03/29/24 When I first sought treatment for my eating disorder, I didn’t yet have the words to state…

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Facing Barbecue Season with an Eating Disorder

Updated on 4/14/2023 May is National Barbecue Month, a time where social gatherings can provoke stress for those with an eating…

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Bikini top drying off on clothesline.
Why Bikini Season Is Problematic
June 30, 2020

Updated on 07/03/23 Summer is officially here and as with most people, when temperature rises, outfits of clothing change, along with…

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5 Tips for Coping with an Eating Disorder During the Holidays

When you’re in recovery from an eating disorder, the holiday season, though it may bring significant joy and excitement, may also…

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Social Media and Eating Disorders, Thinspiration, Bonespiration
Thinspiration and Bonespiration in Relation to Eating Disorders

Summer is ending which means back to the classrooms for teachers and school-aged children. After having the summer off, sitting in…

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Did my Mom Cause my Eating Disorder? Six Ways Parents Unintentionally Teach Disordered Eating to Their Children

Many experts and researchers have found that children, teenagers and adolescents who have been diagnosed with eating disorders are heavily influenced…

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