If Your Child Has an Eating Disorder

If Your Child Has an Eating Disorder

What to Do When Your Child Has an Eating Disorder

When you realize that your son or daughter has an eating disorder, it can be incredibly overwhelming. Eating disorders are complex disorders and serious illnesses. As a parent, there is no “normal” response. Feelings can run from denying that a problem exists, to thinking it isn’t that serious, to not knowing how to fix it. One of the most important things a parent can do for a child with an eating disorder is to seek help from medical professionals and eating disorder specialists.

An eating disorder is not something that will just go away, or that a parent or child can fix by force of will alone. Your family doctor is often a good place to start, so your child can be medically assessed and you can get recommendations on where to get the appropriate help.

Having your child see an eating disorder specialist is another step to take in dealing with an eating disorder. Depending on the severity of symptoms, and the length of the eating disorder behavior, you may be able to take them to a counselor and begin treatment. There are many levels of care to help children, teens, and adolescents with eating disorders. An eating disorder specialist will be able to help determine the best level of care for your child, given their specific needs and situation.

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Not All Levels of Care Are Created Equal

Individual therapy is often a good starting point, but may not always be enough to meet the needs of your child. In that case, a day or a residential eating disorder program may be more appropriate and effective. Higher levels of care are available for children and adolescents who are not medically stable and require more structured treatment.

Attending family therapy is another important step in addressing your child’s eating disorder. Family therapy offers a chance for family members to understand the eating disorder and be involved in the recovery process. Research has shown that family involvement therapy can be a critical factor in the success of treatment. Family therapy helps teach communication skills and addresses family dynamics, with all members of the family unit encouraged to participate.

Eating Disorder Recovery

Eating disorder recovery is a long process and it can be difficult for children and adolescents, as well as those that love them. In some cases, different levels of therapy will be needed on multiple occasions. This is not a failure, but part of the process and the important thing is to not stop seeking recovery.

Coping with an eating disorder can be confusing and overwhelming both for the person with the disorder and for their family. You don’t need to cope with it alone, nor should you try. At Center for Discovery we offer one of the only teen and adolescent eating disorder programs and we can help you understand and cope with the difficult complexities of eating disorders.

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Preferred In-Network Provider for All Major Health Insurance

Preferred In-Network Provider for All Major Health Insurance

  • I was sent to [Center for Discovery], an all women's eating disorder treatment facility, and I was terrified to go. I was told I would be there for a month and would return home after that. I ended staying there for almost 3 months, and I can honestly say I am beyond thankful for my time there. I learned so much and they helped me find myself and get over my traumas and learn to cope with issues that I was having. All the staff was super helpful and had my best interest at heart. I may have not liked all of them, but I knew they wanted what was best for me. Even after my insurance run out, the therapist I was working with arranged for me to go to another center to continue my treatment because I was not ready to come home. I highly recommend getting help with Center for Discovery. They truly care!
    Rebecca S
  • I was at [Center for Discovery] for 6 weeks. I'm from Ohio and being so far away from home was hard. The staff made me feel super comfortable and cared for, making my stay much more manageable. The program was very individualized. They worked hard to make sure my specific needs were met and that my specific behaviors were addressed. This is a top notch facility with incredibly caring staff. Not only were the house staff wonderful, but everyone from admissions to the medical director worked hard to make sure I knew what was going on. This is a wonderful company who are true to what they say. They gave me my life back. I'm someone who has been in and out of treatment for my eating disorder and this program was by far the best. I feel so optimistic about my future. The progress I made there was life changing and I will be forever grateful. I recommend this program to anyone who is serious, willing, and ready to get better.
    Natalie F
  • I was surprised by my parents with the option of going to get help for my eating disorder and overall unhealthy lifestyle. I so badly wanted to get help, but was too ashamed. After talking to my mom I agreed to at least talk to someone from Center for Discoveryabout what program I would be in and what it would be like. The gal was super helpful, kind, and did not make me feel like I was the only person who suffered from what I did. She was very patient with me and overall helped out our family with the process of insurance and costs and what not. As for the actual facility I stayed at, it was a great experience.
    Rebecca S
  • We had our son in an acute care hospital and the social worker recommended the Center for Discovery. Before our son was discharged, my wife and I met with the staff and toured the facility. We were impressed by the staff and how the program was structured. Our son was there 6 weeks. It was a game changer and now we feel our son left with a good base of skills that he has continued to use. We now feel our son can leave a normal type life and not have to worry that he may need to live in a group home setting as an adult. We can't say enough for the help and support we received from the entire staff at the Center for Discovery. When we were considering the facility we did some reviews on line. Some weren't overly positive, but most were and we feel that it was a very positive experience for our son and our family. Even our son now admits that he learned some great skills and that his time at Center for Discovery turned his life around.
    John W
    Parent of Alumni

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