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Inclusive Programming

Our Commitment to Inclusivity

Center for Discovery is committed to providing care and services consistent with Health at Every Size® (HAES®) principles and to create inclusive environments for all patients and staff. The narrative that only one type of person will suffer from an eating disorder is both antiquated and untrue. The fact is, eating disorders affect people of all identities and backgrounds, across spectrums of gender, weight, race, age, economic status, abilities, sexual orientations and lived experiences of marginalization. We acknowledge that eating disorders, and those who experience them, exist within a society structured by histories and institutions of oppression, power and privilege. We know that if we are not actively pursuing inclusion work, we are failing thousands of individuals who will never be diagnosed or will never feel safe to enter treatment.

Center for Discovery is committed to providing treatment, at all levels of care and for all eating disorder diagnoses, that is inclusive of body size, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and all other intersectional identities/experiences. We work towards these goals by providing training to new and existing staff, reviewing existing and new policies to make sure they embrace inclusion work and align with HAES® values, and incorporating feedback from patients and community providers. Patients, families and the eating disorder community has an important role in helping us do this work well. Center for Discovery is open to all and any feedback about your experience with us.

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