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For Families

For Families

A Message for Caregivers

We know it’s hard. We’ve worked with many caring people who’ve sought help for their children, spouse, partner or other loved ones.

We know that by seeking help, you’re demonstrating an incredible act of compassion and kindness. It’s a leap. And it’s so important that you maintain that loving commitment.

You are an Important Part of Recovery

Please continue to be a part of the solution. Your participation in the recovery process is crucial. By being there, being supportive, contributing to group and family therapy, and being open to addressing issues that come up, you’ll enjoy happier, healthier relationships.

So you can get help and relief too. It’s time to begin healing. Together. And when your loved one returns home, you’ll have the confidence and skills to support your loved on in recovery.

Take a free Eating Disorder Evaluation

This evaluation can help determine if you or a loved one may benefit from consulting with an eating disorder professional.

Preferred In-Network Provider for All Major Health Insurance

Preferred In-Network Provider for All Major Health Insurance


There’s no right time – only right now.


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