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Savannah Voci, alumnus of CFD, shares her journey with an eating disorder, anorexia, and how it was influenced by perfectionism.
Anorexia, Control and Perfectionism: Savannah’s Story

A Talk with CFD Alumnus Savannah Voci: Life After Eating Disorder Treatment At Center for Discovery, we are grateful to have…

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Hustle Culture, Running and Eating Disorders: Molly’s Story

A Talk with CFD Alumnus Molly Bonino: Fighting Perfectionism and Eating Disorders in the Corporate Workplace Hustle culture puts work at…

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Family celebrating a birthday party outdoors at a picnic table. 
Navigating Family Gatherings While in Recovery When You Identify as LGBTQ+

Updated on May 31, 2023 By Emmy Johnson, MSW, LCSW, Gender Affirmative Care Coordinator, DBH  This blog addresses the challenges of…

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Working Your Recovery: Rach’s Story

A Talk with CFD Alumnus Rach McPherson: Fighting Diet Culture One Ice Cream Scoop at a Time Center for Discovery is…

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Black history month celebration image with continent flag colors
African American Eating Disorder Statistics

People from all walks of life experience behavioral health disorders. But in some populations, these disorders are much more widespread. Even…

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Family gathering for the holidays eating around the table.
How to Prioritize Your Health and Eliminate Negative Self-Talk During Holiday Meals

Prioritizing your health during the holidays can look different for everybody. Whether you are in recovery from an eating disorder or…

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Food on a heart shape cutting board
Becoming Vegetarian After Eating Disorder Recovery

Vegetarian diets have been gaining popularity in recent years for a variety of reasons including health, ethics and sustainability. Typically, someone…

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Decorated holiday dinner table with pine branch, candle, pinecones and plate setting.
Coping with Binge Eating During the Holidays

Cool, crisp air, cozy sweaters, sparkling displays in every storefront and spiced scents reminiscent of childhood recipes and family meals… that’s…

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Young couple having meaningful conversation in living room.
Expressing Eating Disorder Recovery Needs in Your Relationship

Updated on 2/10/2023 If you’re in a romantic relationship, you may find it difficult to relate to your significant other while…

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Variety of food spilling out of a paper grocery bag.
10 Principles of Intuitive Eating
December 17, 2021

Updated on 2/10/2023 Picture a world where food packaging doesn’t focus on nutrition labels; where fitness influencers and celebrities don’t preach…

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