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Risk Factors and Warning Signs: Is Your Teenager Depressed?

George Livengood, Assistant National Director of Operations, Discovery Mood and…
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What is Anorexia Athletica?

According to the Eating Disorder Foundation, as many…
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Celiac Disease and Anorexia Nervosa

A study published in 2017, showed a link…
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Anorexia Medical Definition

Eating disorders, particularly anorexia nervosa, are not just…
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National Nutrition Month: Common Eating Disorders

National Nutrition Month is an annual nutrition education…
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While You Were Sleeping: Sleep Awareness Week

The National Sleep Foundation is celebrating its annual…
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International Women’s Day: Eating Disorder Recovery

International Women’s Day takes place March 8th, 2019…
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Eating Disorders and Minorities: Part 2

People of color, queer people, and trans people…
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Eating Disorders and Minorities: Part 1

Discrimination in the Eating Disorder Community While eating…
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Top Body Positive Inspiring Social Media Accounts

Although social media is a great way to…
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