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Eating Disorder Treatment and Marriage Conflicts

Eating disorders, whether it is bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder or anorexia nervosa, will affect an individual’s social life, romantic life, professional life and family life. More often than not,…
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The Five “Other” Eating Disorders

Other specified feeding or eating disorder, otherwise known as OSFED has replaced Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (EDNOS) in The Diagnostic & Statistical Manual (DSM-IV). These eating disorders are diagnosable…
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Eating Disorder Relapse During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is 40 weeks of a woman’s life where her body is constantly changing, emotions are flooding and hormones are raging. It is a time of happiness, stress, excitement, and…
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How Eating Disorder Treatment and Addiction Treatment Compare

The brain’s reward pathway is stimulated by food, alcohol and drugs which all trigger the reward center of the brain by releasing dopamine, the “feel good” neurotransmitter that brings pleasure…
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Obstacles Teens Encounter when Entering Drug Addiction Rehab

The teenage years can be challenging. Navigating through puberty, peer pressure and tackling raging hormones in addition to balancing school and home life can seem very stressful in the moment.…
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What Happens When Mom Enters Eating Disorder Treatment

Mothers are the cornerstones to every family. They give birth to their babies, watch their children grow, make sure they are fed, dressed and are loved unconditionally. They make sure…
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The Importance of Depression Screening at Regular Doctor Visits

Americans visit their physicians for a multitude of reasons: a common cold, allergies, diabetes, hypertension, an annual women’s examination and for mental health disorders such as depression. The U.S. census has determined…
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National Depression Screening Day October 5th

During Mental Illness Awareness Week on Oct. 1-7, 2017, National Association for Mental Illness (NAMI) and other mental health participants across the United States are raising awareness of mental illness…
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Risky Business: Habits and Behaviors that Increase the Risk of Developing a Mental Health Disorder

According to statistics, approximately one in five Americans will be affected by a mental health condition at least once in their lifetime and this impact has a major ripple effect…
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