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Trauma & NeuroCenters

Trauma Informed Care

A Safe Space for Trauma Work

At our Center for Discovery, we take a Trauma Informed approach to treatment and recovery. A trauma lens is necessary in addressing eating disorders, and starts with an in-depth understanding of the signs and symptoms of trauma. This knowledge is fully integrated into developing a therapeutic alliance and practices designed to directly treat the problem without re-traumatizing the client.

Trauma Informed Care should imbue transparency and trust, giving each client a feeling of safety, as well as a sense of empowerment, freedom of choice and space to voice individual truths . This approach to care can be an uplifting tool if enhanced with peer support and that strong therapeutic alliance. To achieve optimum results, Trauma Informed Care – as practiced at Center for Discovery and our NeuroCenters – always takes into account cultural and historical elements that play a considerable role in each client’s particular situation.

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Preferred In-Network Provider for All Major Health Insurance

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