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NeuroCenters & Center For Discovery

Discovery NeuroCenters

Available in South Bay

A premier provider of Eating Disorder treatment, Center for Discovery is committed to a multi-faceted, evidence-based approach designed for lasting recovery. This requires constantly evolving services, such as those offered now through our regional Discovery NeuroCenters.

Our NeuroCenter additions are used in conjunction with existing treatment modalities at our day treatment and intensive outpatient levels of care in Southbay and Del Mar, California, with more opening in 2020.

Exploring New Pathways

Discovery NeuroCenters offer transformational treatment that integrates therapies and brain health applications offered through Neurofeedback, Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) and other methods of biofeedback. Using these and related tools, Discovery specialists provide trauma-informed care that helps to resolve the underlying disturbances driving various eating and co-occurring disorders.

Our state-of-the-art NeuroCenters feature a wide range of specialized modalities, at selected Center for Discovery outpatient campuses.

Integrated Neurofeedback
Evidence-based technology that optimizes brain activity to
help clients train their brains for positive behavior
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Trauma Informed Care
Ensures practices and environments that treat
eating disorders without re-traumatizing the client
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Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR)
An 8-stage modality that accelerates the processing of trauma and
disturbing memories that can influence eating disorders
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Brain Foods Integration
Dietary education and integration of beneficial foods
that stimulate healthy brain function
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Building a Framework for Recovery

At Discovery NeuroCenters, each treatment works as a complement to the others, creating an interwoven network of specialized professional care. Integrated Neurofeedback (NFB) sessions enhance therapeutic progress, while brain food education provides clients with a working model for improved nutritional and mental health. The NeuroCenters’ trauma informed team utilizes the very latest therapeutic techniques, such as Neurofeedback and evidence-based EMDR, plus much more.

Sensory coherent rooms allow for optimal relaxation, a proven benefit for clients seeking lowered stress and to reduced outside “noise” while addressing their disorder.

Advancing Through Mutual Discovery

We welcome these latest innovations housed in our NeuroCenters, to aid the healing and recovery process. They represent an exciting new evolution in the effective treatment of eating disorders and co-occurring disorders like PTSD, anxiety and depression. And once again, we are proud to take another step in our constant mission of Discovery.

To learn more about Discovery Neurocenters and locations, please call us at 866.482.3876.

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