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Integrated Neurofeedback

Creating New, Healthy Patterns

Brain fitness is a key component in restoring normal eating habits. Through Discovery NeuroCenters, we offer Neurofeedback (NFB) to our clients, enabling them to gain the benefits of brainwave training to retrain patterns of thought while promoting neuroplasticity. In this non-invasive process, the brain forms new neural connections, in a reorganizing structure that also compensates for injury. Through Neurofeedback, or Neuro-therapy, the brain’s unique brain wave states are able to rewire into healthy patterns, as well as adjust to new changes in the body and the environment.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Eating Disorder Treatment

Eating disorders, which are often caused by deep rooted underlying emotional and mental triggers, such as trauma, low self-esteem, personality disorders, poor relationships and devastating conflict resolution skills. Cognitive behavioral therapy specifically works to help eliminate these negative aspects and develop positive coping skills by fixing abnormal thought processes.

CBT is also an effective form of therapy for depression, addiction, mood disorders, personality disorders, substance abuse, psychotic disorders and anxiety.  CBT has also been shown to help with anger issues, low self-esteem, and physical health problems, such as pain or fatigue.

Re-Tuning the Brain, Recovery Self-Control

Clients receiving NFB often speak positively about feeling more relaxed, with improved sleeping habits, sharpened attention, elevated mood and less impact from traumatic memories. Importantly, they also note a greater ability to self-regulate their condition, enabling greater resistance to impulses or harmful tendencies.

Like Center for Discovery’s other therapies and treatments, NFB improves the likelihood of sustaining long-term results. Clearly, this is a science with great potential for improving the lives of those struggling with eating disorders, and it epitomizes the innovative nature of our advanced NeuroCenters.

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