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Bulimic Behavior: How to Recognize Signs and Symptoms

Bulimic behavior refers to engaging in manners associated with bulimia nervosa. Although an individual who practices bulimic behavior may not be…

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Outpatient Treatment for Bulimia
When is Outpatient Treatment for Bulimia an Option?

Out of the Shadows: Outpatient Treatment For Bulimia In the secret life of teenagers, it’s a dangerous silent threat to physical…

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The Health Risks of Diabulimia

What Is Diabulimia? Diabulimia is the term used to describe a diabetic deliberately reducing their intake of insulin to reduce their…

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Diabulimia: A Dangerous Health Gamble

Diabulimia: A Dangerous Health Gamble Type 1 diabetics must inject insulin to process glucose. Often diagnosed early in life, type 1…

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