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Have a plan for recovering from binge eating and family events.
6 Tips for Coping With Family Events While Recovering From Binge Eating Disorder
November 19, 2019

It can be tough to recover from binge eating and family events don’t make things any easier. Here are 6 tips…

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Stress and Binge Eating during Midterm Exams

Starting college is a time of freedom, intellectual exploration, and personal development. However, it is also typically stressful. Eating disorders among…

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Tips for Finding a Therapist Specialized in Eating Disorders

Where to Begin Finding a Therapist Specialized in Eating Disorders When battling an eating disorder, individuals should seek out the best…

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Personality Traits of Those Who Overcome Eating Disorders

Overcoming Eating Disorders? Eating disorders affect 20 million women and 10 million men in the United States and are mainly caused…

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Telling parents about bulimia is essential
The Five “Other” Eating Disorders

The Five “Other” Eating Disorders Other specified feeding or eating disorder, otherwise known as OSFED has replaced Eating Disorder Not Otherwise…

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The Connection Between Eating Disorders and Self-Injury

Updated on 2/10/2023 Eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa, binge eating disorders, bulimia nervosa or orthorexia seldom occur independently of other…

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Suicide and Eating Disorders: A Co-Occurring Condition

Bulimia nervosa, binge-eating disorder, and anorexia nervosa are the most well-known eating disorders in the United States and affect approximately 20…

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Side view of young woman deep in thought
The Health Risks of Diabulimia

Updated on 10/12/23 What Is Diabulimia? Diabulimia is the term used to describe a diabetic deliberately reducing their intake of insulin…

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