What to Expect from Eating Disorder Residential Treatment

Entering an eating disorder residential treatment center can be anxiety-provoking for returning clients, new clients, and families. Understanding this, most residential treatment programs are designed to accommodate all the tension and apprehension that may come with this change. The days spent at a residential treatment center are organized, planned, and focused on providing the best care and support possible. Although clients may enter a residential program at different stages of recovery and with differing disorders, all enter with the same rules and follow the same program.

The Routine

The counselors wake all residents up each morning. The residents then have individual time in the bathroom where they can shower and attend to personal hygiene. All time spent in the bathroom is respectfully monitored and timed by the staff. Clients then eat and prepare breakfast with the staff. Clients will work with the staff dietitian to determine their daily meal plans. The dietitian and diet technicians will make sure all residents are following the required meal program. Between eating snacks and meals, clients attend different therapy groups. Each day at Center for Discovery follows a set schedule. The schedule of the day may include individual therapy, family therapy, family visits, outings, and group therapy. Unless the client is authorized for an offsite pass, each resident will eat all snacks and meals with their counselors. Counselors will also work with residents to adhere to the set schedule. Clients who are also enrolled in school will meet with the staff tutor as necessary to make sure they are kept up to date with their studies. Clients also meet with nurses and doctors throughout the week.

Residents do have free time during the week. With this time, the residents work on school or therapeutic assignments, write letters to friends and family, or work on art projects. On a typical day in the program, residents will eat a nightly family style dinners with their peers, diet technicians, and counselors. On occasion, clients will be given theme nights where they work with a diet technician to come up with a theme for that night’s dinner. Some theme dinners include “Harry Potter night” and “Hawaiian Night”. Additionally, clients can earn the privilege to eat dinner at a local restaurant. All residents observe a strict bedtime. The residents can earn the privilege of reading or using an iPod before their bedtime. The residents are then monitored by the night staff every few minutes throughout the night.

Program Run on a Phase System

The eating disorder residential treatment program is run on a phase system. Residents move up in the phases by reaching stated goals and earn privileges such as attending offsite outings. In the adolescent center examples of the outings include going to the nail salon or going to the zoo. Residents also earn more time to use the phone and offsite passes as they progress through the phase system. A day in the life of a resident in a residential program is full from start to finish. With a focus on therapeutic support and care, all residents are provided with the structure and skill development to leave treatment with a new understanding of themselves and their illness.

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