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Causes of Eating Disorders

What Are the Causes of Eating Disorders To say that there is one cause or something whose direct outcome results in…

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Celebrity Body Acceptance Spotlight: Jennifer Lawrence

Celebrity Body Acceptance Spotlight Jennifer Lawrence A Celebrity’s weight is constantly under scrutiny by the media. Many celebrities who are already…

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What Are Food Rituals?

Ever Wondered What Are Food Rituals? Food Rituals are compulsive ways in which a person interacts with food that produces anxiety…

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Eating Disorder Treatment – The Right Treatment Can Help Your Child Regain their Confidence

We all want to see our children succeed and move out into the world on their own with confidence. This is…

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Treatment for Eating Disorders

Understanding Treatment for Eating Disorders No parent wants to hear that there child needs treatments for eating disorders. We want to…

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Eating Disorder Treatment

Does My Child Need an Eating Disorder Treatment Program? This question is one that many parents ask themselves whenever they see…

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