What do Eating Disorder Clinics Have to Offer?

Once your child is diagnosed with an eating disorder, the doctor is likely to recommend that they attend an inpatient program. There are many different types of eating disorder clinics, but only a few that are dedicated to help teens rather than adults. As the number of teens with eating disorders has continued to rise, there are more of these clinics opening. They offer highly specialized programs that have been carefully designed specifically with this age group in mind.

Programs at these eating disorder clinics will help your child to understand why they have this eating disorder and then teach them what they need to do in order to overcome it. Because this is a disease, your child needs to know exactly what to do to avoid falling back into old habits. For most this will be lifelong recovery process that is going take plenty of support from their family once they have left the treatment center.

At the Center for Discovery, you will find one of the only eating disorder clinics on the West Coast that is dedicated to helping those aged between 10 and 19 to overcome this terrible disease.