One of the more common reactions for parents when told their child needs an inpatient eating disorder treatment program is why? Most parents dislike the idea of their child being away from home and away from them, and may have a hard time understanding the need for it. If your child has been struggling with an eating disorder for a long time, being in an inpatient program can help them to break the patterns that have held them prisoner for so long.

From group and individual therapy, to education in how to eat and exercise in balance, your child will be taught only the roots of their eating disorder but also will be given the tools to overcome it on a day to day basis. An inpatient eating disorder treatment center can also offer a controlled environment where your teen will be able to put on weight and get healthy while they learn how to overcome their eating disorder. Visit us at Center for Discovery to learn how our inpatient program can help your child regain control over their life.