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Brain Foods & NeuroCenters

Brain Foods Integration

Foods Function Plays an Important Role in Recovery

As the energy power source of the body, the brain requires the proper fuel to function at its highest level. And only an efficiently-operating brain can influence positive behavioral changes. Skilled dietitians at our Discovery NeuroCenters work to educate clients and their loved ones about certain foods that stimulate healthy brain function. These foods are also carefully selected for their ability to complement the various neurological applications provided at our centers.

An Environment for Moderation

Careful attention is given to optimizing both brain function and overall body health, with foods that include Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins and other key multi-purpose nutrients. At the same time, our therapeutic and dietary experts help clients to eat in a more relaxed manner, with less feelings of anxiety or intimidation. The idea is to create an atmosphere in which food plays a more pleasant, functional role in the quest for better mental and physical health.

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