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All Foods Fit™

All Foods Fit™ Philosophy

An All Foods Fit nutrition philosophy means all foods—in moderation and balance, along with variety—have a place in a meal plan. The idea of flexibility is a key principle to the All Foods Fit approach, as well.

Moderation means eating various amounts of food without going to extremes of either too little or too much. This does not mean elimination of any type of food.

  • Honor hunger and satiety signals that your body sends.
  • Balance food groups over time.
    • Example: Moderation is not about one meal or one day. Meeting our nutritional needs occurs over the course of a day, week, month and beyond. Incorporate a food today and not tomorrow or incorporate a food daily—whatever feels best to you. 

Balance means at the end of the day or week, your overall food intake was “relatively” balanced through consuming all the recommended food groups—carbohydrates, proteins, dairy, fruits, vegetables and dietary fats. It does not have to be achieved at every meal.

  • Consume the different food groups throughout the day or week.
  • Create overall balanced meals by incorporating, carbs, protein, fats, fruit/vegetables at breakfast/lunch/dinner.

Variety means eating different foods within each food group and ensures you are getting a variation of the different micro and macro nutrients while keeping your taste buds happy.

  • Choose different meal options daily; don’t eat the same foods at every meal/snack.
  • Choose different foods within each food group.

Flexibility is an important aspect of the All Foods Fit philosophy. Being flexible with food means being able to nourish your body while having the freedom to eat what is available when need-be, such as when you are out all day or traveling, or if you are out of your favorite breakfast item and can’t get to the store for a few days. Flexibility with food allows us to eat with balance and variety rather than with rigidity and anxiety.

All Foods Fit means eating happens without judgment, and all foods are emotionally equivalent (for example broccoli, ice cream, salmon and potato chips are all equal in regards to one’s emotional response).

This philosophy is a non-diet approach that asks you to challenge distorted food beliefs, giving you unconditional permission to eat in a mindful manner without the attachment of labels, and allows you to begin to trust your body with food.

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If you are struggling or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder, we are here for you. Center for Discovery’s unique and personalized dietary program can help any individual find their way to lasting recovery.

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