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should I seek treatment during winter break
Should I Seek Treatment During Winter Break?
December 19, 2019

Here are a few things to consider when determining whether seeking eating disorder treatment during winter break is right for you….

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Those of us with emotional eating disorders may struggle during exams.
How to Avoid Emotional Eating during Midterms and Other Exams
November 15, 2019

Ugh, exams. As if school isn’t stressful enough on the daily, exams creep up and make things even worse. For those…

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School and Outpatient Treatment: Will it Work for Me?
November 12, 2019

The challenge of attending school while in recovery may have some asking, “school and outpatient treatment: will it work for me?”…

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Stress and Binge Eating during Midterm Exams
October 28, 2019

Starting college is a time of freedom, intellectual exploration, and personal development. However, it is also typically stressful. Eating disorders among…

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Sorority Life, Body Image and Eating Disorders
August 15, 2017

Many young women enter college excited to join a sorority to make lifelong friends and be active within their college community…

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College Life: College and Eating Disorders
December 28, 2013

College and Eating Disorders For many teenagers, college serves as an opportunity for many firsts. The college experience is often the…

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