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Path to Peace for BED

Path to Peace Treatment Program for BED

Finding Relief with the Nation’s Premier Specialized Program

Unlike other treatment programs, Discovery provides specialized care for Binge Eating Disorder (BED). We call it Path to Peace because our team’s goal is to help you discover a peaceful relationship with food and body. Our overall commitment is to shift the way society views bodies and weight.

How? We are never weight-focused. To us, that simply isn’t the issue that needs to be addressed.

Rather, we work to empower our clients to have a healthy relationship with food by digging into the underlying causes of the disorder with a trauma-informed lens. Then we help you develop tools for tuning into your body and improving your overall well-being.


We utilize a Health-at-Every-Size model to support clients in building a Path to Peace with Food and Body. By learning to accept yourself, you are freed from the pain and compulsion associated with BED. And that can provide enormous relief.

While addressing these issues, we teach you to find your voice so you can advocate for yourself to receive the fair and respectful healthcare you deserve. And stand up against the size-ism and weight stigmas that are inherent in our society. 

Because Discovery promotes size acceptance, we support you in being okay with your body and creating a world that’s a safe place for every body. Not everyone who binge eats lives in a larger body, and not everyone who lives in a larger body has a Binge Eating Disorder. For us, it always comes back to nurturing healthy behaviors.

Discovering Peace?  It’s Intuitive.

Our Path to Peace Program is built on the premise of intuitive eating. In other words, you no longer have to be ruled by the behaviors and feelings that come with binge eating. Instead, you can move forward with skills that develop compassion, awareness, and freedom.

By engaging in intuitive eating, you learn to trust the cues your body gives you. That may be paying attention to signs of hunger or feelings of fullness. It takes practice, but we help you get in touch with what your body needs to nourish itself.

Learning these skills leads to a much more peaceful relationship with food.

A Program That’s Grounded in Science and Compassion

Path to Peace features state-of-the-art services and evidence-based techniques to maximize results, including:

  • Partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient offerings
  • Six-week guaranteed length of stay that we will advocate for on your behalf with your insurance carrier
  • Customized dietary consultations
  • Individualized therapy sessions
  • Non-weight-loss approach
  • Finding Your Voice advocacy groups
  • Weight-inclusive philosophy
  • Path to Peace with Food and Body Image program
  • Intuitive eating training using our three-phase dietary program
  • Health at Every Size® (HAES)-informed multidisciplinary team
  • Nutritional and dietary rehabilitation
  • Behavioral therapy
  • Exposure response prevention (ERP)
  • Nursing support (at PHP level)
  • Psychiatric sessions and medication management
  • Trauma-informed team support
  • Mindful movement
  • Aftercare services for alumni

While enveloping you in a supportive community of individuals who share your diagnosis, we use specific therapies that help address the core of your BED, including:

And, like all of our treatment options, BED recovery includes the participation of the family and extended client support systems.

Staying involved—whether that’s with family or through our online group or both—promotes connection and reduces shame. We host two free virtual BED-specific support groups every week to encourage maintenance of that recovery network.

Measures of Success.

As you know by now, Discovery does not focus on the scale. And that’s not how we measure your success. Instead, we concentrate on what we consider more important signs of healing.

  • Cessation of binge behavior
  • Intuitive eating that promotes balance, variety, and moderation
  • Body acceptance
  • Decreased depression and anxiety
  • Enhanced mood and feelings of connection
  • Resolution of underlying trauma
  • The ability to advocate for oneself

There is help at Discovery.  There is a Path to Peace.  We’ll help you find it.

You deserve relief from all that. After all, you’re not a number on a scale. You can feel safe, connected, and at peace again.

Please call us at 866.482.3876. Together, we can begin your Path to Peace. 

Health At Every Size and HAES are registered trademarks of the Association for Size Diversity and Health and used with permission.

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