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Celiac Disease and Anorexia Nervosa

A study published in 2017, showed a link between celiac disease and anorexia nervosa, the most lethal condition out of all…

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anorexia medical definition
Anorexia Medical Definition

Eating disorders, particularly anorexia nervosa, are not just characterized by body image disturbance and weight loss. Eating disorders have a full…

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National Nutrition Month: Common Eating Disorders

National Nutrition Month is an annual nutrition education and information campaign created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. The campaign,…

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Media is Causing Eating Disorders
While You Were Sleeping: Sleep Awareness Week

The National Sleep Foundation is celebrating its annual Sleep Awareness Week, March 10 to 16, 2019. This year’s theme “Begin with…

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International Women’s Day: Eating Disorder Recovery

International Women’s Day takes place March 8th, 2019 and this year’s theme is Balance For Better, which incorporates focusing on a…

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Eating Disorders and Minorities: Part 2

People of color, queer people, and trans people often suffer from complex issues of shame; this is not about a singular…

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Eating Disorders and Minorities: Part 1

Overcoming an Eating Disorder as a Minority While eating disorder awareness has improved in the United States, there still seems to…

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Top Body Positive Inspiring Social Media Accounts

Although social media is a great way to connect with friends, it is also becoming a leader in popular diet trends….

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Cultural Significance in the Treatment of Eating Disorders

Many cultures around the worldview food as a way to nourish the body and bring people together without having anything to…

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Online Eating Disorder Support Groups

We live in a digital age where we can interact with anyone across the globe at the ease of our fingertips…

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