Teenage eating disorders are on the rise, and the damage that they can cause to your child is too, but despite that and better education these eating disorders are hard to spot for parents. It is crucial to get your child help as soon as possible so if you suspect that your child has an eating disorder you should get as much information as you can then get your child the help they need.

It is important to understand the telltale signs of teenage eating disorders as hard to spot as they might be due to your child trying to hide them from you. This in fact may be your first clue that your child has a problem, if they are hiding or lying about their behavior, they may also seem to have an obsessive interest in food and their weight. They may spend too much time on the scale as well as exercising.

If you are concerned that your child may have one of the many teenage eating disorders Center for Discovery can help, we are a child oriented eating disorder clinic that is designed to help children overcome their eating disorders.