What to Expect at Center for DiscoveryWhat to Expect at Center for Discovery

Clients entering residential treatment at Center for Discovery face a wide range of emotions. Some clients may feel sad, upset, angry or excited about their new placement. It is important for clients entering residential treatment at Center for Discovery to understand what they can expect from their time spent in treatment.

Throughout a client’s stay at Center for Discovery the client will work with the staff to develop an individual treatment plan that is designed specifically to cater to the client’s needs. Clients can expect to meet regularly with the staff nutritionists, therapists, doctors, and nurses and can expect their treatment plans to be altered as they move through the treatment process.

What is Like When You Sign Up for Treatment

While in treatment, clients can expect to participate in daily group therapy sessions. These sessions are lead by counselors and/or therapists and range from relapse prevention groups to art therapy groups. Clients are encouraged to use group therapy as a platform to share the thoughts and emotions that emerge throughout the course of treatment.

Clients can also expect have scheduled family therapy sessions. It is the belief of Center for Discovery that eating disorders are not only happening to the individual but to the entire family. Therefore it is important for all members of the family to feel involved and supported throughout the treatment process.

Learning the Tools  to Change Your Thoughts and Behaviors

Clients can also expect to be challenged throughout their stay at Center for Discovery. Eating disorder behaviors and negative self-­‐talk will be challenged while clients are living at Center for Discovery. Through guidance from the staff and through a client’s commitment to change, clients can expect to learn the tools change the thoughts and behaviors that help to maintain their eating disorder.

Lastly, clients who have committed to their treatment plan can expect to leave Center for Discovery with a better understanding of their eating disorders and a better understanding of themselves.