Eating Disorders and Male AdolescentsEating Disorders and Male Adolescents

Eating disorders may often be seen as a predominately female concern. While a higher percentage of women struggle with eating disorders versus their male counterparts, it is important to understand that, while females are more likely to suffer from eating disorders, males can and do suffer from eating disorders. In addition, there is often a stigma attached to a male suffering with an eating disorder, so they are often better at hiding the behavior and are not as likely to admit that there is a problem.

If your male teen or adolescent is dealing with an eating disorder, finding an eating disorder treatment center that has successful experience working with males is important. Since many treatment centers are focused on helping females, it may require more research to find a center that can help your teen. Finding a team that understands what your teen or adolescent is dealing with and has successful experience helping male teens with eating disorders can be crucial to successful, long term recovery.

Eating Disorder Symptoms Are Different for Boys and Girls

Males and females have many similar emotional and psychological issues, but these issues often manifest themselves in very different ways. Center for Discovery has been successfully helping clients, including male teens and adolescents, for almost 20 years. As one of the few centers that treat male teens and adolescents, we understand the unique challenges faced by these clients and have the experience to help.

Don’t Let Eating Disorders Call the Shots

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