LOS ANGELESOct. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Discovery Behavioral Health, Inc., an expanding network of evidence-based mental health, substance use and eating disorder treatment centers, has opened an eating disorder treatment program in Mesa, Arizona, where it is licensed as an inpatient treatment center. Center for Discovery, a 12,054 square foot state-of-the-art facility allows for the treatment of more psychiatrically and medically complex patients. The facility is now accepting patients ages 10 – 17 from anywhere in the US and offers concierge services to coordinate travel and lodging.

Sherri Hicks, LCSW, has been appointed Clinical Director of the program. Hicks is the author of “Emily’s Guide to Eating Disorders” (Outskirts Press, 2017) and has dedicated much of her career to the treatment of eating disorders. As well, psychiatrist Elizabeth Bochtler, M.D. will serve as full time medical director.

“Eating disorders are one of the most misunderstood diseases, and attack the very core of a patient’s identity. Oftentimes, the patient doesn’t want to actually recover. Families are devastated as they watch their loved ones starve themselves, purge or binge eat until they are unable to engage in normal activities. It takes expert therapeutic, medical and psychiatric care to be successful in overcoming an eating disorder,” says Hicks.

The greater Phoenix area has been lacking any dedicated inpatient eating-disorder treatment programs for adolescents until now. The Center for Discovery opening in Mesa relieves families of having to travel out of town or state for treatment. “Our team provides the greater Phoenix area with top level treatment that Center for Discovery has been providing for over 20 years across the country,” she says.

Center for Discovery recently reported to CBS News that demand for their residential eating disorder treatment programs more than doubled in 2021 compared to 2019.  Similarly, NEDA, the National Eating Disorders Association, reported a 58% increase in calls, texts and social media to its helplines since the pandemic began, with more than one-third coming from teens ages 13 – 17.[1]

DBH President John Peloquin states, “This expanded level of care provides even greater access to eating disorder treatment for patients and support for their families. Center for Discovery’s innovation in eating disorder treatment began in 1997. Today we have history of remarkable clinical outcomes from thousands of patients. Our longevity in the field allows us to refine and define programs that will shape the future of eating disorder treatment and the behavioral health industry.”

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