Although social media is a great way to connect with friends, it is also becoming a leader in popular diet trends. Diets are everywhere in today’s society, and there is always someone inventing a new diet to lose weight faster and build stronger muscle. As a result, these unhealthy behaviors portrayed on social media can tend to lead to a body image disorder. It seems nowadays one cannot log into their social media without seeing a weight loss ad or a new exercise or diet regimen a friend is adopting. Photoshopping and filters take away from the original image, and many agree that social media is partly to blame for eating disorders. Social media further magnify the rising trend to be skinny and look a certain way and thousands of diets and weight loss secrets. However, there are a large number of social media accounts that promote body positivity and a healthy relationship with food as a way to fight against the negative eating disorder and diet culture. From dietitians and therapists, and individuals who have overcome eating disorders themselves to clinical psychologists; social media influences are using this space to create an accepting environment for individuals who are struggling with body image and their relationship with food. The following are body positive influencers you should follow on Instagram:

Jessamyn Stanley @mynameisjessamyn

Featured as a positive body advocate across many outlets, yoga instructor and writer Jessamyn Stanley preaches the freedom to embrace yourself in full.
“Body positivity is the only legitimate antidote to our overwhelmingly body negative society,” Jessica states.

Gina Susanna @nourishaneat

Body acceptance advocate Gina Susanna shares genuinely helpful advice to those recovering from eating disorders. Having recovered from an eating disorder herself, Susanna gives followers all insight into her journey back to anxiety-free eating.

Pixie Turner @pixienutrition

A few years ago, nutritionist Pixie Turner was like any other clean eating blogger on Instagram, but now she’s an advocate for a balanced lifestyle without restriction. While her diet remains plant-based, she eats pizza and burgers, bread and pasta – and believes that carbs and sugar are nothing to be afraid of.

Dr. Colleen Reichmann @drcolleenreichmann

Dr. Colleen Reichmann is a clinical psychologist who regularly treats clients with eating issues. Her account is filled with straight-talking advice and ‘you got this’ encouragement for anyone struggling with food fears. Having recovered from an eating disorder herself, she’s passionate about spreading knowledge and awareness that full recovery is possible.

Christy Harrison @chr1styharrison

“I specialize in helping people make peace with food and reclaim the time and energy they lost to The Life Thief that is diet culture,” says Christy Harrison, a registered dietitian who’s calling time on BS nutrition information.

Eve Simmons and Laura Dennison @Notplantbased

Journalists Eve Simmons and Laura Dennison’s joint Instagram account, Not Plant Based, banishes unhelpful food fears and sets the record straight on diet myths. The duo, who have both recovered from eating disorders, regularly share anti-diet inspirational quotes to keep food shame at bay.

Michelle Elman @scarrednotscared

A body confidence coach who posts messages and facts about fat on her Instagram page as a way to inspire others believes that the fear of fat not only drives body image issues, but a disordered relationship with eating that can lead to broader psychological consequences.
“My aim is to help people realize that their body is good enough right now, and it’s important that they start living their life right now.”

Alissa Rumsey RD @alissarumseyrd

Registered dietitian and intuitive eating coach, Alissa Rumsey believes eating shouldn’t be about what you can’t have, but what you can and she encourages clients to listen to their bodies.
“We live in a crazy culture where it’s seen as normal to diet, to dislike our bodies, and to constantly be trying to change them,” she says. “I’m passionate about helping people make peace with their bodies so that they can stop postponing their lives ‘until I lose weight’ and be happy with their body just as it is today.”