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Why Kurbo, the Weight Loss App for Kids, Is a Problem

CN: Discussion of food restriction, weight bias, and weight loss for children WW, the company formerly known as Weight Watchers has…

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Co-occurring Disorders in Teenagers: Cocaine and Anxiety

Anxiety commonly occurs in the teenage population due to the many changing factors associated with this life stage. Hormonal changes, physical…

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arfid in adults
ARFID in Adults: Not Just a Disorder of Childhood

Avoidant-restrictive food intake disorder, commonly known as ARFID, is an eating disorder characterized by the persistant refusal to eat specific foods…

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Is My Teenager Depressed?

Teenagers face a host of pressures, from the hormonal changes of puberty and building their self-esteem, to facing peer pressure about…

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Emotional and Psychological Trauma in Teenagers: How Can Parents Help?

Emotional and psychological trauma is the result of extraordinarily stressful events that shattered your teenager’s sense of security, making them feel…

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Obstacles Teens Encounter when Entering Drug Addiction Rehab

The teenage years can be challenging. Navigating through puberty, peer pressure and tackling raging hormones in addition to balancing school and…

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The Obsession with Beauty and How it is Linked to Depression in Teens

Barbie dolls, GI Joe dolls and Victoria Secret’s lingerie angels are just a few icons that have shaped the way young…

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The Problem with ‘I Don’t Know’

“How are you? How was school? How was your date? How are you feeling?” “I don’t know. I don’t know. Fine….

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Helping Your Child Overcome an Eating Disorder

Labor of Love: Helping Your Child Overcome an Eating Disorder It can be worse than overwhelming to discover that your child…

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Center for Discovery – Inpatient Eating Disorder Treatment

Does Your Child Need Inpatient Eating Disorder Treatment? If you think or even suspect that your child might have an eating…

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