Is an Eating Disorder Center the First Step?

Many parents who find out that their child has an eating disorder tend to think that the very first step in finding help for them is going to be inpatient care at an eating disorder clinic. Depending on the severity of the child’s eating disorder, this is not likely to be the case. Most medical professionals that are involved in treating children with eating disorders will attempt to work with them on an outpatient basis first.

This allows the child to remain with his or her best possible support system, their family, as they work towards overcoming their disorder. Only when all attempts at outpatient treatment have failed and the child is not responding to treatment, will most medical professionals refer them to an inpatient eating disorder center for treatment and therapy. You should be able to trust that the physician treating your child will make the right decision.

If you need more information about eating disorders and treatment programs, visit us at the Center for Discovery an eating disorder clinic for those ages 10-19.