Generally speaking, visitations are Monday through Saturday from 7-8p and on Sundays from 130-530p. However, visitation is accommodated as much as possible as long as it is previously discussed with the treatment team. We respectfully ask visits do not interfere with meals or groups, however, if there is a scheduling conflict, we work to find a mutually agreeable time. Family involvement is an integral part of the recovery process. We encourage and expect weekly family therapy sessions (either in person or via Zoom/teleconference if the distance is a concern). We also offer monthly family days, which is a great resource as well where families can come together and learn about both the recovery process and how the Center For Discovery program works. Families/support systems are an important part of the recovery process and Center For Discovery encourages as much involvement as possible. Another way the family/support system is involved is through passes. Once clients reach a certain place in their recovery (this looks different for every client), they are given days–typically on Sundays– to spend time with their family/support system. This helps them and their loved ones practice the tools learned in sessions.