Selecting the Right Level of Care from Eating Disorder Centers

When you need more help than you can provide for your child to help them overcome their eating disorder, you can turn to the professionals at one of the eating disorder centers. They offer a variety of different treatment options including outpatient and inpatient. In most cases an outpatient setting may be tried first to see if they will respond to treatment without the need to be entered into a residential program. Often the decision as to which level of care should be selected is based in part on the patient’s actual body weight when compared to their ideal body weight.

This allows the professionals at the eating disorder centers to make a determination as to how serious the problem is and ensure that your child is going to get the appropriate level of care. With the understanding that both mental and physical states play an equally large role in the decision making process, your child will get the best possible care to help them overcome their eating disorder at the Center for Discovery.